Boat Ramp

We have a brand new boat ramp! Please be kind to it.  We ask that NO LAUNCHES less than 3' tide - no exceptions.

Be mindful of boat ramp etiquette - respect your fellow boaters


One of the more stressful phases of the launching process is backing the trailer down the ramp.  Keeping this in mind we are suggesting a few pointers that will make your experience here a little less stressful.

1.  Prepare your vessel well away from the boat ramp.  Load in any gear you might need as you don't want to make others wait if you have to load at the launch.

2.  Staging Area.  Park well clear of the ramp in an area where you are not blocking traffic.

3.  Launching.  Once you have safely secured your boat to the ramp & at the same time ensuring you have secured your boat furthest away from the ramp to ensure others may proceed with their launching.  Immediately move your vehicle to a parking spot.

Ramp fees (all year) $10 cash / $12 interac

We have annual ramp passes for sale - please call for more information

Tide guide for launching can be found at https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Point-Atkinson-British-Columbia/tides/latest